Apologies for the Lack of Updates!

Hello everyone! Yes, I am still alive and kicking! I really want to give a huge apology for the lack of content on here. I started this blog up with the full intention of making it a great mix of everything I love in this world, but my personal life over the last several months has been insanely hectic. My photography business has blown up, (no I don’t even have a website for it yet!!) and I’ve made several trips overseas to various fashion shows and festivals thanks to making some great connections in the industry. Unfortunately all the photos I’ve taken there were from a freelance job in which I do not own the rights to, so I cannot post them on this blog.

At any rate, I do plan on posting more eventually when the time allows for it. So I thank you very much for sticking around and being patient with me :)

Welcome to GetFAT.ca

With my very first post, I want to welcome you all to my brand new blog, all about fashion, arts and the wonderful city of TORONTO! If you’re thinking this is a weight loss or fitness blog, then you are in the wrong place. The FAT actually stands for three things that I am most passionate about… Fashion, Arts, Toronto.

I’m not originally a Toronto native (don’t hold that against me!) but I have lived here for around 6 years now and love the city. I am originally from Ottawa, Ontario and am super glad I decided to make the move to Toronto where most of my friends now live.

In my spare time while living in Ottawa I did a lot of freelance photography (which is where the Arts is coming from). I absolutely love taking photos and am not fortunate enough to be able to do it fulltime. I don’t have a website yet though (it’s in the works!) but will post some photos on this blog in due time.

The F from FAT, stands for fashion which is another thing I am passionate about. You’ll notice in the coming posts that my photography and fashion interests can kind of intertwine. I really love street style type photography and the main thing I want to do with this blog is to post various photos of my favorite fashionable looks in various locations throughout Toronto. It’s a wee bit cold out there right now to be doing this, so expect to see more of this in the summer. In the meantime I’ll try to dig up some old photos to show you guys and to post a little more about myself.

Thanks for listening… I will back soon with more!