From Ottawa to Toronto

Ok, so I promise I will get to digging through my archive of street style photos here soon. I have more Ottawa photos than I do Toronto, but I would like to mainly post my Toronto ones as this is going to be a blog about the T-DOT. But before I get into the photos and the fashion stuff, I wanted to bore you all with a little bit more about myself.

I was born and raised in Ottawa and recently moved to Toronto about 6 years ago. After going to college and wasting time and money, I found that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I got into real estate and eventually became one of seemingly of Ottawa Real Estate agents. I worked along side a couple of other great agents (we actually started a successful site at which allowed me to make decent money, but eventually it felt like a grind… I was commuting back and forth from Perth, Ontario to downtown Ottawa. I did this journey every day for around 4 years and kind of got sick of it and sick of the work in general.

I found myself taking on more freelance photograph jobs in Ottawa and thought there might be some potential there to make a living doing something that I enjoyed. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to live in Ottawa for the rest of my life though and thought that while I was making a huge career change, I’d might as well go full bore and move to a new city too!

My best friend moved to Toronto after high school and I have a number of other friends who live there, so I thought moving to Toronto would make sense. I loved the city and thought it would make a great backdrop for my two favorite passions in life… Fashion and photography!

So moving there is just what I did and I think I’ve made the best decision of my life in doing so!