From Ottawa to Toronto

Ok, so I promise I will get to digging through my archive of street style photos here soon. I have more Ottawa photos than I do Toronto, but I would like to mainly post my Toronto ones as this is going to be a blog about the T-DOT. But before I get into the photos and the fashion stuff, I wanted to bore you all with a little bit more about myself.

I was born and raised in Ottawa and recently moved to Toronto about 6 years ago. After going to college and wasting time and money, I found that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I got into real estate and eventually became one of seemingly of Ottawa Real Estate agents. I worked along side a couple of other great agents (we actually started a successful site at which allowed me to make decent money, but eventually it felt like a grind… I was commuting back and forth from Perth, Ontario to downtown Ottawa. I did this journey every day for around 4 years and kind of got sick of it and sick of the work in general.

I found myself taking on more freelance photograph jobs in Ottawa and thought there might be some potential there to make a living doing something that I enjoyed. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to live in Ottawa for the rest of my life though and thought that while I was making a huge career change, I’d might as well go full bore and move to a new city too!

My best friend moved to Toronto after high school and I have a number of other friends who live there, so I thought moving to Toronto would make sense. I loved the city and thought it would make a great backdrop for my two favorite passions in life… Fashion and photography!

So moving there is just what I did and I think I’ve made the best decision of my life in doing so!

Why I Love This City

The main reason why I love this city is because of it’s strong culture and diversity. I love how it is a very Artsy city and anyone can really express themseleves here. For art and photography lovers, I don’t think there is a better place in all of Canada to live. For a photographer like myself, the city provides endless opportunities for great shots… It’s really just all about how imaginative and creative you can be.

While I don’t have any photos to show you at the moment, I will say that my favorite area has to be the downtown area where you can find a number of awesome historical landmarks and fun places to take photos of.

The distillery district in particular is amazing for photos… The historic buildings along with the art on display throughout the sidewalks really do make it a photographers paradise. I am planning to do a quick winter shoot here just to experiment a little bit. Once Christmas is over and I have some more time, be on the lookout for that. I was thinking of dawning a pair of fuzzy boots along with some leotards, a skirt and one of my faux mink jackets but if you have any suggestions for what to wear, I am all ears.

Welcome to

With my very first post, I want to welcome you all to my brand new blog, all about fashion, arts and the wonderful city of TORONTO! If you’re thinking this is a weight loss or fitness blog, then you are in the wrong place. The FAT actually stands for three things that I am most passionate about… Fashion, Arts, Toronto.

I’m not originally a Toronto native (don’t hold that against me!) but I have lived here for around 6 years now and love the city. I am originally from Ottawa, Ontario and am super glad I decided to make the move to Toronto where most of my friends now live.

In my spare time while living in Ottawa I did a lot of freelance photography (which is where the Arts is coming from). I absolutely love taking photos and am not fortunate enough to be able to do it fulltime. I don’t have a website yet though (it’s in the works!) but will post some photos on this blog in due time.

The F from FAT, stands for fashion which is another thing I am passionate about. You’ll notice in the coming posts that my photography and fashion interests can kind of intertwine. I really love street style type photography and the main thing I want to do with this blog is to post various photos of my favorite fashionable looks in various locations throughout Toronto. It’s a wee bit cold out there right now to be doing this, so expect to see more of this in the summer. In the meantime I’ll try to dig up some old photos to show you guys and to post a little more about myself.

Thanks for listening… I will back soon with more!